Your Hunt

Each of our hunts is professionally guided, one-on-one, so each guide can be completely focused on one hunter.

Our preserve is enclosed inside a 10 foot perimeter fence that stretches 3 miles.  The ranch is approximately 170 acres, but do not be intimated by our lack of area.  Each hunt is very challenging, and it takes all of the hunters’ concentration and all of our guides’ skills to capture that true hunting experience.

Hunt from a two man ladder stand, a ground blind,  from what we call “The Condo” (a two-story, 8’x10’ cabin), or from one of our gorgeous, pre-cast, 8’x8’ tree stand that sits eight feet off the ground, perfect for archery or gun hunts.   Also, at the hunter’s request, we can even do spot-and-stalk hunting, cautiously working our way through the woods, looking for the once-in-a-lifetime trophy whitetail. 

Our hunts begin as early as August, when each deer has its full rack but is still is the gorgeous velvet that these beautiful animals have throughout the summer months, through February (Yes, most of our deer keep their antlers through the month of February).

In the past three years, we have had a 100% success rate.

Over the past three years, we have harvested some enormous bucks.  The largest, a 288 B&C inch, 41 point monster, was our breeder for a full year.  His genetics still roam the preserve through our AI program and through natural breeding done within the preserve.  We have harvested around 20 bucks in the past three years that have gone at least 160” or more, and have plenty more still roaming our woods, waiting to be your next (or first) trophy on the wall.