Hunt Packages

Each of our hunts will last 1-3 days; again, we will accommodate you accordingly. We want you to have a safe, fun hunt that is full of action and adventure. We are committed to giving you the ultimate hunting experience.

Each hunt includes 2 full meals per day (usually breakfast and dinner), with snacks available in between.

We can offer the services of both a taxidermist and a meat processor.  Both the taxidermist and the processor have been used for numerous hunts on the ranch, with great results.

All Prices based on Boone and Crockett Scoring (Gross Score)

All Pricing is per deer!!!

Does: $300 (or free with the purchase of a 135”+ buck)
Managements Bucks: $500-$1500 (no stay over; day hunts only)

  • 120”-129”: $1900-$2700
  • 130”-139”: $2750-$3650
  • 140”-149”: $3700-$4800
  • 150”-159”: $4850-$5900
  • 160”-169”: $5950-$7000
  • 170”-185”: $7050-$8950
  • 186”-195”: $9000-$11000
  • 196”-210”: call for pricing

  • Prices valid August 1, 2012 through July 31, 2013.
    All prices posted are for hunts that last 3 full hunting days and two nights.

    • For example, group comes in Friday morning; hunts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; gets to stay Friday night and Saturday night.  The group shall break camp on Sunday night.

    To receive free doe, the hunter must shoot 135” buck or more first (while supplies last).  If said doe is not shot by that particular hunter during the duration of that hunt, the hunter cannot come back at a later date to harvest the doe.

    • Group consists of a minimum of three (3) hunters, with a maximum of seven (7) hunters.  The only exception to this rule is if one or two hunters want to hunt, then they will be allowed to do so, provided both hunters harvest whitetails that score in excess of 160”. 
      • If 160”+ whitetail is not harvested, a charge of $300 per day will be assessed to the shooters.  Of this $300, $100 per day will be credited for the next time said hunter comes to the ranch. 
    • Any non-shooters (visitors) that come with group and are not shooters will be assessed a $100/day fee.  This includes family, friends, or sales representatives. 
      • If at the end of the hunt, the group spends $15,000 or more, the visitor is free.
    • Within the group, if some shooters happen to not shoot during their hunt, they will be assessed a $300/day lodge fee, with $100/day to be credited on their next hunt. 

    Any/All verbal agreements/deals to hunters or within groups shall be discussed with the owner.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

    For each group to reserve your 3-day, 2-night hunt, a $1000 combined deposit, which is non-refundable, shall be used as a down payment/reserve for their hunt.  Each hunter shall then have at least $900 paid up per hunter within 60 days of their hunt.

    Blood Rule:  If blood is found, and deer is not found within the duration of the hunt, then the deer is considered a harvest.  If this occurs, the hunter shall pay for the estimated price of the deer minus 30%.  If deer is found wounded and/or killed by guide, the posted price above must be paid by shooter and shipment of deer will be arranged (all costs associated with shipping will be the hunters responsibility. 

    For more information, contact us:
    Cell Phone: (814) 242-0439

    A hunting license is not required to hunt our preserve.

    Our hunting season starts in late August when the deer still are in full velvet but are completely grown, and our hunting lasts through February for both bucks and does. 

    Be sure to book your hunt as soon as possible, because we offer only 25 buck hunts per year.  At LBK, our focus is on the quality of the deer, not the quantity.