About Us

UPDATE, AS OF 8/31/12:
Due to local laws, rules, and regulations, we are not allowed to charge for staying at the guest house. We sell deer, and the price you see posted on our website is the cost of the deer. Whether you stay 1 minute or 3 days, the cost of the deer is the same.  If you want the deer live, we can dart them and sell them to you for the same price that is posted. If you want one of our guides to harvest the deer and hand him to you, outside of our gate, we will do that for the same cost as posted.  We also now sell tame turkeys; you can eat them or you can keep them for pets.  Our corn crop will be about 40 acres of very good corn; it is also for sale. We have several hundred round bales of hay, also of very high quality. We will keep updating as necessary.  


Bill “Bump” Colosimo III: Head of Maintenance, Guide

Bill Colosimo IV: Guide

Ben Colosimo: Guide

Charles “Bugsy” Roberts: Guide

Tim Colosimo: Guide

Each of our guides were born and raised within one mile of the ranch today.  Before the ranch was established in the spring of 2006, if was a beautiful area filled with gorgeous Whitetail Deer and numerous Eastern Wild Turkey.  All of our guides hunted this area extensively before the fence was installed, so each guide knows the patterns, bedding areas, and feeding habits of each deer.  We know deer inside and out!!!

Our ranch is located in the small town of Summerhill, Pennsylvania, tucked snugly in the Southwestern corner of the great Keystone State.  The lay of the land is perfect for any hunter to bag one of our impressive Whitetail. Over 1/3 of  the land is covered in thick rows of Lurch Pine, White Pine, and Hemlock, perfect for bedding areas.  The rest is a mix of small fields covered in food plots and a mix of Oak, Maple, and Cherry Trees, as well as a mix of fruit trees scattered throughout the property (apple, pear). 

The owners and staff are dedicated to giving each and every hunter that drives through our gates a once-in-a-lifetime experience hunting these beautiful creatures.